My work is a celebration of the HUMAN  BODY.

      I am fascinated about its beauty, complexity and sophistication, as structure and through movement. Everyday life,              society with people features and interaction are a rich source of inspiration to me.

       I observe the physical and emotional space around individuals and create my own interpretation.

      Passionate about my art,  I like to create expressivity through colours and texture, interesting compositions, powerful         drawing, shapes and tonalites. 

      I  express myself in my own energetic and spontaneous style, it could be more or less detailed, depends how I feel about the subject.  I like to work with different media and techniques, alternate the subject and create a series at the time keeping the spontaneity and freshness. 

       My paintings and drawings are "Female Nude", sensual and sensitive figures, "Male Nude", harmonious and expressive  frames, "Lovers",an emotional collection of couples in love connected through powerful feelings of love and passion  and "Portrait", a collection of faces, features and emotions.  

       The paintings are usually colourful and textured with vibrant tonal combinations.  I prefer to work with acrylics, they dry fast and I can apply several layers in short time. I use the palette knife more often than the brushes, which allows me to build up interesting texture. When I have a series of 2-3 paintings I like to work simultaneously. 

       I love drawing as much as painting.  I mainly work with charcoal, a powerful and expressive tool in my hand, feeling free to play with lines, shapes and tonalities, creating a diversity of interesting textures.

       My art reflects a calming atmosphere and carry the message of artistic beauty, harmony and happiness. 

                                                   Thank you for your visit !


acrylics on black paper lovers man and woman romantic and emotional



           and please look as well in 


seated nude woman, acrylics painting on paper, purple, blue and pink



     and please look as well in


portrait painting of a woman face , blue, pink, black


  Paintings and drawings

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