I am an artist with a lifelong artistic experience, living and working in NW England.

     Since 2000, I am a recognized and appreciated artist selling online through my own gallery and several others

      associate  galleries.

      My work is a celebration of the Human Body.

      Its beauty, complexity and sophistication  as structure and through movement are permanently my challenge.

      Every day life, society with people features and interaction are a rich source of inspiration.

      I  express myself in my own energetic and spontaneous style.  It could be more or less simplified,

       depends  how I feel  about the subject.  I work in all media and use different techniques.

      I create original paintings and drawings of female and male nudes, couples in love and portraits.

      Sensual, delicate and emotional posture of female nudes or couples, they are subjects just coming out of my mind

      or they are inspired by images I see every day. 

      Expressive composition and harmonious colours are the basic of my work.

      My paintings are usually bold, colourful and textural. I use the palette knife more often than the brushes.
      In my drawings I mainly work with charcoal  feeling free to play with lines, shapes and tonalities.

                                                    Thank you for your visit and hope you enjoy it. 

   Please see "MENU", there is a list of asociate galleries where you can purchase as well PRINTS of my artworks. 


acrylics on canvas portrait man and woman kissing


Paintings and drawing of couples in love.

3 blue and orange acrylics paintingS on canvas of a seated female nude



     and please look as well in


Inspired by Vermeer portrait of a girl with a pearl earring


  Paintings and drawings

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