Carmen Tyrrell - artist in the studio

  Carmen Tyrrell, UK based artist, living and working in NW England near Manchester.
I was born and educated in Bucharest, the capital of Romania.
Since childhood, I had shown an early interest in painting and I was encouraged to study Art.
As a teenager, I took private tuition in artist studios. There was where I began my training and hard work in the academic way. I drew from casts, still lives, from models, figure painting and analysing the works of famous artists. 
I continued to develop my art study through The Art School and The Academy of Art.
I was involved in artist organisations and took part in different art competitions being awarded with important prizes.

Since moving to England in 1994, I have continued my artistic career developing and extending my techniques.
I take part in different group exhibitions whenever possible and I had several solo exhibitions in North of England.
My works are highly regarded and can be found in private collections worldwide mainly in U.K,  Europe, USA and Canada,  Dubai, e.t.c.  My art collectors own a good number  of my artworks in their private collection. Three of them living in U.K own more than 15 artworks each, and an art collector living in Dubai own 23. I feel grateful when my art is appreciated.
Since year 2004 I successfully sell my art online through different U.K. and international art galleries. 
BUY  directly here from my gallery! Once you know which artwork you would like to purchase, please CONTACT me for DETAILS. 
My works are signed by me and under my copyright. There for I will not allow anybody to sign works under my name, not to modify my works, not to print, copy and publish my works without my approval.
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