Contemporary Figurative Paintings and Drawings.

                 Living, Passionate and Romantic Art


original figurative acrylics painting on canvas , blue and orange, sad woman

Gallery 1

Nudes Paintings

 Original unique paintings of female nude on canvas and paper 

original figurative black and white inks on grey paper.

Gallery 2

Nudes Drawings

Original unique drawings of Female and Male Nude on paper using a diversity of media and techniques.

original figurative charcoal and acrylics painting on paper

Gallery 3

Lovers Gallery

Original unique paintings and drawings of couples in love.

original, figurative acrylics painting on paper

Gallery 4


Original unique portrait paintings on canvas and drawings on paper

 original acrylics painting on canvas

Gallery 5


Original unique paintings on canvas and drawings on paper


                                    Welcome to my gallery

     I am an artist with a lifelong artistic experience, living and working in NW England.

     Since 2000, I am a recognised and appreciated artist selling online through my own gallery and several  others.

     I express myself in my own energetic and spontaneous style.  It could be more or less simplified, depends  how I feel        about the subject.  I work in all media and use different techniques.

      My works are original paintings and drawings of female nudes, couples in love and portraits.

     Sensual, delicate and emotional posture of female nudes or couples, they are subjects just coming out of my mind or   they are inspired by images I see every day.
     Expressive composition and harmonious colours are the basic of my work.

      My paintings are usually bold, colourful and textured. I use the palette knife more often than the brushes.
     In my drawings I mainly work with charcoal  feeling free to play with lines, shapes and tonalities. It is a sort of                process of modelling with lines.
     Once I start working I am out of this world and embarked in a creative process that I never know when and how it         ends. 

      When I paint or draw I feel like an actor acting...I do my best to convince the viewer ...

           I create my works to carry the message of artistic beauty, harmony and happiness.

       Over the years, I took part in several solo and group exhibitions in Romania and NW England.

     At present I sell my works mainly on line building a good reputation about my high standard of professionalism.
     More and more art lovers enjoy to view and buy art online from the comfort of their home.
     When thinking about buying art, I would suggest: "Buy what YOU really like!".
     My works are collectible, highly regarded and can be found worldwide in private collections.

                                         Each art work is individually priced. I offer  free delivery only for U.K. 

           Worldwide delivery should be calculated and paid in addition to the artwork price. Please contact me when you

          decide to purchase an artwork. 


02.03.2017 -SOLD "Arched Body" - Hi Carmen, Arched Body-Female Nude, It has been framed and looking fantastic hanging on our lounge wall absolutely love it. All the best Eric & Anna"

26.11.16 - SOLD paintings "Lovers - Together" and "Lovers - Devouring Love" 

The paintings are here and I 've been blown away! 
Wow. On Monday straight to the framer, can't wait to have them on the wall.
They are wonderful.
Thank you very much.
Wish you success and happy customers,  Ute Hoeltig 

05.08.2016 - Sold to U.S.A. " Abstract Red Torso - Female Nude" ,

express worldwide delivery in 2-3 days with DHL.

" Just opened it up and it looks great. Thank you for taking the time to pack it well and great

  customer survice.


18.02.2016 -  "The painting is more than I hoped for. Its brilliant :-)) It will go up on the wall this weekend. It will not be          the last purchase from you. Again thank you very much. I will be in touch again soon.

              Thanks and best regards


Customer's visit on 06.06.2014

" I find few artists that in these times ...really touches me......Carmen's work ...is so compellingly accurate in mood

   that just holds me.!  (Allen Lehman)"

                   Customer's visit on 14.03.2014 :
        "Your Follio hummmms with creativity and such masterful depictions of the human experience..

We are all souls- spirits driving our bodies.. You capture this essence at its core.. Namaste .. Cheers Steve"


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